Telederm Connection Issues

Connection issues: Unable to start call will start great if you have a good internet connection and computer. Older devices, bad internet connection, and not enough bandwidth are the most common reasons why a call won’t start.

Run Diagnostic Tests
• Use doxybot precall test to make sure your speakers and camera are all setup and working:

Do A Precall Test
• Estimate call quality to predict your expected call quality based on your computer and internet speeds.
• Run other diagnostic tests

Make Improvements
If you receive poor scores on the diagnostic tests, these steps will help you connect:

• Make sure you meet minimum system requirements.
• Use a newer computer with plenty of speed. Sending and receiving video takes a lot of computer power. Old or slow computers will have a harder time processing the video, which can cause choppiness.
• Turn off other devices on the same wifi connection that are using high bandwidth activities (e.g., Netflix / Youtube / Skype / FaceTime)
• Move closer to your wifi router, and switch to the 5GHz frequency. This will increase the maximum amount of bandwidth available to your device over a shorter distance.
• Use an ethernet cable connecting your computer to the router. This will provide the most stable connection possible.
• Make sure your router isn’t physically obstructed or out of view. Keep it in the open, and the signal will be stronger.

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